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Using almost any Edison or Columbia cylinder machine and a commonly-available recorder in place of the reproducer you can easily make your own recordings at home. Imagine the reaction you will get from visitors to whom you are demonstrating your pride and joy when your own voice comes out of the horn! The smaller Phonographs and Graphophones such as the Edison Gem and Columbia B are not very powerful so, consequently, are fairly useless for recording. The Edison Standard, Home or Triumph models are much better as they are equipped with a much more substantial motor as are the Columbia BK, BF and BG. Any machine used for recording really needs to be in good condition and fully serviced. These blank cylinders are brand new. This means that they have not dried out and hardened over the years and are very easy to record upon. They are already shaved and ready for use and can be re-shaved many times. For more details visit Paul Morris at or email YOAA on Price: $24.50 each plus postage