Yesterday Once
Again Australia

YOAA can repair and restore any original Phonograph of Gramophone.

Although we specialise in Edison machines we also do all work on HMV, Victor, Columbia, Aeolian-Vocalian, Brunswick, Pathe, Rexonola, Salonola, Homophone, Tonophone or any other make that you care to name.

We do not work on Indian or Chinese fakes nor do we work on radios of any description.

We also do not supply parts except when they are needed as part of a repair or restoration.

The most common problems with 80 or 90 year old gramophones and phonographs are things like broken or damaged cases, broken springs, vandalised mechanicals or abused reproducers.

All of these problems are well within the capabilities of YOAA and no job is too big or too small - whether it be a simple 'grease and oil change' on a portable or a full rebuild on an Edison Coin-Op phonograph.

Case repair and repolish work is done 'in house' on the premises and many parts are currently in stock. We also have extensive contacts all over the world for sourcing new and replacement parts and new mainsprings are available for all types of machines.